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Exploring The World Of Handcrafted Furniture Construction

Hi there! The name is Nicky and I'm here to present the fascinating world of furniture construction to you. Modern furniture comes from a long line of handcrafted items that have recently fallen out of favor. I grew up in a quirky household where we created all of our own furniture by hand. I have fond memories of shaping wood on the lathe for table and couch legs before I could even ride a bike. Today I continue to create furniture using all of the skills I learned from my awesome parents. I would like to share the knowledge I've collected over the years with you to help expand this interesting hobby. My main goal is to see handmade furniture secure its place in the marketplace. I hope you learn all you need to know about techniques, tools and building materials to create signature pieces you'll love for lifetime.


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How To Properly Replace A Furnace Filter

There are many simple ways that you can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system, even if you are not experienced. You can cheaply and easily increase the productivity of your furnace by replacing the furnace filter and cleaning the compartment. Changing a furnace filter is an easy job, but many people fail to do it correctly. If you improperly replace your filter, it can actually make your furnace less effective. This article explains the best techniques for a complete and proper filter replacement.

Removing the Filter

The filter is usually very easy to find because it is quite large. It is located between the furnace cabinet and the ducts that lead out to the condenser unit. Usually, the filter is actually on the outside of the cabinet and can be removed without any tools. On some furnaces the filter will be inside the cabinet, especially if the furnace is mounted on top of an air return.

Cleaning the Compartment

Once the filter is removed, it is very important that you clean out the empty compartment. Many people neglect this step. As a result, the tracks that the filter slides into can get dirty. When this happens the filter does not sit properly. Gaps can be created along the edges where dirty air can bypass the filter completely. The ultimate result will be a furnace motor that gets dirtier more often and more quickly. Your entire system will need to suck up more energy to produce the same amount of airflow. You furnace components, like the pump, will also age quicker and need to be replaced more often.

The best way to clean the empty compartment is with a hose vacuum. If there is any moisture inside your unit, the vacuum will no work very well. If this is the case, you will get better results if you just wipe down the tracks with a wet rag.

Replacing the Filter

When you slide your new filter into place, you should make sure that it goes all the way back. You might need a flashlight to see the back of the filter as you slide it in. Double check that all the edges are flat and secure. The filter should be snug within the tracks.

Replacing your furnace filter is obviously a simple job. You can do it with basically no tools. Filters are also very cheap, so this project won't cost you much money at all. For more information, check out a company like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc.