Exploring The World Of Handcrafted Furniture Construction

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Exploring The World Of Handcrafted Furniture Construction

Hi there! The name is Nicky and I'm here to present the fascinating world of furniture construction to you. Modern furniture comes from a long line of handcrafted items that have recently fallen out of favor. I grew up in a quirky household where we created all of our own furniture by hand. I have fond memories of shaping wood on the lathe for table and couch legs before I could even ride a bike. Today I continue to create furniture using all of the skills I learned from my awesome parents. I would like to share the knowledge I've collected over the years with you to help expand this interesting hobby. My main goal is to see handmade furniture secure its place in the marketplace. I hope you learn all you need to know about techniques, tools and building materials to create signature pieces you'll love for lifetime.

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Start Saving Money Now; 4 Easy Ways To Save Money On Propane

If your home uses propane to heat your home, you're probably looking for ways to reduce your monthly fuel costs. This is especially important during the winter months when your fuel costs may go through the roof. With just a few money-saving actions, you can reduce your propane usage and save money. Here are a few ideas to get you on your way to lower bills:

Turn Your Thermostat Down

When it comes to saving money on your propane bill, you don't have to go to the extreme. Lowering your thermostat as little as 1 degree when you're home and turning it off altogether when you're gone can save you money on your propane costs each month. In fact, research shows that you can save about 10% on your heating bill for every 3-4 degrees you lower your thermostat.

Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

Switch to a programmable thermostat. This is probably one of the easiest ways to save money on your propane each winter. A programmable thermostat will allow you to maintain a constant temperature in your home throughout the day. Constantly changing the thermostat can waste propane, which will cause your heating bill to increase.

Install a Humidifier

You might not know this but moist air is easier to keep warm. Simply installing a humidifier will help keep your home warmer during the winter without needing to adjust the thermostat. You don't need to go to the expense of having a whole-house humidifier installed. All you need to do is place one portable humidifier in each room to enjoy the cost-saving benefits of warm, moist air.

Invest in a Tank-less Water Heater

You might be wondering what a water heater has to do with saving money on your propane bill. According to research as much as 25% of your heating costs are from heating the water you use. If you have a traditional tank water heater, you use your propane to keep the water hot whether you're using it or not. However, with a tank-less water heater, the water is heated as it's needed. That means you'll only be using propane when you're actually using your hot water.

If you're looking for ways to cut back on your energy bill, look no further than the ideas listed above. These simple tips will help you save money on the fuel you use to heat your home and your water. To learn more, contact a company like Self Heating Cooling.